Creatives in Kano Brunch


Creatives in Kano Brunch

Sunday – Sept 24th – 2023

From 4pm – 6pm

Entrance is Free
[Reg is compulsory]

Creators in
Food, Fashion, Beauty,
Weddings & events,
Arts, Entertainment

Contact – 09059174262


16:00 pm – 16:15 pm: Welcome and Registration Name tags

16:15 pm – 16:30 pm:
Opening Remarks & welcome speech by the event organizer “highlighting the importance of digital creativity in Kano”

16:30pm – 17:15 pm:
– Nurturing Digital Creativity in Kano
-Discussing the challenges and opportunities in the digital creative space in Kano.
-ways to monetize digital content.
-Discussion of software, apps, and equipment for content creation
-Mastering Social Media Trends &
practical tips and tools for success.

Virtual contribution & Remarks on the importance of creators in tourism.

Mr Amer Al Twal – Jordan Tourism Board

Shiuna Khalid – International Maldives Travel Market

17.15pm- 17.45pm
to foster collaboration among digital creators

17.45pm –
Refreshments & Networking

  • Time : 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm (UTC+1)
  • Registration Deadline : 12:00 am

All Tickets Sold!!